ZR-1620 Airborne Particle Counter 0.1CFM

    Deskripsi produk:

    ZR-1620 Airborne Particle Counter is a hand-held precision particle counter. The instrument uses light scattering method to measure the particle size and quantity in the air which the particle size is 0.1μm~10.0 μm. It is mainly used in clean room testing, air filter and filter material performance testing and other fields. It can be used as a portable tool for pharmaceutical factories, testing institutions and other units to carry out relevant measurement.

    • Particle size:0.3、 0.5、1.0、 2.5、5.0、 10.0μm
    • Counting efficiency:0.3μm:50%; >0.45μm:100%
    • Maximum concentration:2×106P/ft3
    • Sampling flowrate:2.83L/min,Error±2%FS
    • Charging time:About 2 hours
    • Size:(length 240×width 120×height 110)mm
    • Weight:About 1kg