ZR-6012 Aerosol Photometer

    Deskripsi produk:

    For leakage detection for HEPA Filter, it is well known to use aerosol photometer for testing. ZR-6012 Aerosol photometer is a professional testing equipment which is used to test whether there is leakage on HEPA filter.

    The downstream of aerosol concentration can be extended to 0.0001 μg/L, and upstream can be extended to 700μg/L.

    • Sampling flowrate:28.3L/min
    • Dynamic Range:(0.0001~700)μg/L
    • Leakage detection:0.0001%~100%
    • Data storage:100000 groups
    • Size:(length 300×width 330×height 184)mm
    • Weight:About 8kg(Battery included) /About 14kg(Packing box included)
    • Power consumption:<200W