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  • KAYE RF valprobe II Loggers

    Feature  and specification : RF Mesh Networking technology provides reliable real time process data. Uses global 2.4 GHz RF frequencies , Provides 100% data redundancy in both remote logger and base station in addition highly reliable RF network

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  • KAYE Temperature/ Pressure and Humidity wireless Valprobe

    The Kaye ValProbe is a wireless process monitoring and validation system that collects temperaturehumidity, and pressure data in environments that are hostile to traditional sensor wires or that are difficult to access.

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    Kaye AVS is new automatic validation system with 4gb internal memory for data collection and 36 channel/s scanning speed. KAYE AVS (AUTOMATIC VALIDATION SYSTEM) Applications: Steam Sterilizers (Autoclaves), Dry Heat Sterilizers

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  • Steam Quality test kit

    Steam quality test equipment to qualify plant/utility/clean/pure steam generators, steam distribution systems and steam supplies to autoclaves in accordance with cGMP (Orange Guide), HTM 01, HTM 2010 (replaced by CFPP01-01): 1994, HTM 2031 (replaced by CFPP01-01): 1997, EN 285: 2006, DIN 58950, ISO 14937:2000, AAMI ST79, ISPE Baseline Guide for Steam and Water, and PDA Technical Reports No. 1 & 48 – TR1 & TR48.

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  • Dew Point

    Measuring range -80…20 °Ctd, Extremely long-term stable, Analogue output 4…20 mA, Condensation insensitive, Quick response time, Pressure-tight up to 350 bar (special version)

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