Steam Quality test kit

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    Steam Quality test kit

    Steam quality test equipment to qualify plant/utility/clean/pure steam generators, steam distribution systems and steam supplies to autoclaves in accordance with cGMP (Orange Guide), HTM 01, HTM 2010 (replaced by CFPP01-01): 1994, HTM 2031 (replaced by CFPP01-01): 1997, EN 285: 2006, DIN 58950, ISO 14937:2000, AAMI ST79, ISPE Baseline Guide for Steam and Water, and PDA Technical Reports No. 1 & 48 – TR1 & TR48.

    All steam quality test kits are available for immediate delivery.

    Here are some of the many benefits you will receive:

    • 100% money back guarantee – if you are not happy with your purchase in any way, we will refund your money
    • Easy for you to use with detailed instructions provided
    • Used by fellow validation professionals in leading pharma companies in over 50 countries.
    • Stylish, compact and light design
    • We provide you with a great level of pre and post sales support
    • Supplied with Certificate of Compliance with EN 285:2006

    We supply our steam quality test kit (SQ1) in three versions:

    1. SQ1 Pharma – Supplied with ½” tri-clamp (tri-clover) connections. Typically used for welded clean/pure steam pipework systems that have tri-clamp (tri-clover) connections. Ordering Reference: SQ1P Steam Quality Test Kit.
    2. SQ1 Standard – Supplied with ¼” BSP (or NPT for US) threaded connections. Typically used for either plant steam systems or steam systems having threaded steam pipework and fittings. Ordering Reference: SQ1T Steam Quality Test Kit
    3. SQ1F – with specially made nominal ½” sanitary flanges for Fedegari sterilizers. Ordering Reference: SQ1F Steam Quality Test Kit

    The Ordering Reference only should be used on orders and will appear on all of our documents such as invoices, delivery notes, commercial invoices etc. This ensures that the correct products are supplied, errors are minimised and goods pass speedily through the customs & clearance processes. This cannot be guaranteed if alternatives are used.

    Steam Quality test Kit Contents

    • non-condensable gas test condenser
    • submersible cooling water pump & pipes – to allow testing to be carried out at remote locations without a local cooling water supply
    • insulated steam connection pipe
    • burette, tap & rubber filler
    • 250 ml measuring cylinder
    • three pitot tubes  (0.4, 0.6 & 0.8 mm dia.)
    • superheat expansion tube with insulation
    • Dryness test bung with stainless steel dip tubes
    • connection tube and clips
    • 1 litre stainless steel vacuum flask
    • detailed instruction manual and procedures/calculations and report forms in Excel
    • robust carrying case