Dew Point

    Deskripsi produk:

    Special features

    • Measuring range -80…20 °Ctd
    • Extremely long-term stable
    • Analogue output 4…20 mA
    • Condensation insensitive
    • Quick response time
    • Pressure-tight up to 350 bar (special version)

    Drifts caused by temperature changes, dust and aging are eliminated by the electronics providing reliable measurements. Recalibration interval thus could be increased to 2 years.

    The measured dew point is output via a 4-20 mA signal output. The compact size of the sensors make them an ideal choice for installations in tight environments. Sensor parameters such as analogue output scaling, alarm values, units etc, can be easily changed by using CS service kit., This kit is used to connect the sensor to a PC for configuration changes.