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    Specifications of Kichi Temp 500
    Model Kichi-Temp 500 Thermocouple
    Input connector Dual Input
    Channel 2 chanel
    Input (thermocouple type) Type J Type K
    Thermal Paper 58mm width, approx. 10 m lenght
    Measurement range TC -200 to 760 -200 to 1370°C
    Measurement accuracy TC -200-1370 C +/- 0.1% +0.8°C
    -328 – 2498 F +/-0.1% + 1.6°F
    sample rate 2 times/second
    Data Logger 32,000 Records
    Battery life Size AA 1.5V x 6 (alkaline battery)
    approx. 10 days (alkaline battery with 60 seconds interval under printerout mode)
    power supply Dry battery 6 x 1.5V  AA Alkaline dry cell batteries
    AC power AC Adaptor DC 9V-12V , 1A Min
    Dimensions approx. 242╳98╳42mm
    Weight approx.580g (include batteries)
    Supplied accessories Tool Box, AA alkaline batteries (1.5Vx6), AC adaptor (DC9V@1amp, Instruction manual. K type sensor x 2 (-50 -200C), two rolls thermal paper, RS 232 cable, windows software
    Optional accessories