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  • RH / Themperature Chamber

    Long-term stable test conditions, Independent of the water supply, Complete solution: Temperature/humidity simulation in one chamber

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  • RH Calibrator

    Edgetech field proven Optical Chilled Mirror (OCM) technology, Completely self-sufficient and portable humidity calibration system, Temperature and RH controlled independently, Automatic correction for mirror contaminants, Certified measurements against NIST traceable standards, Standard features, where others charge extra

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  • RH Transmitter (E10)

    E10 is a high accuracy, long term stable humidity and temperature room transmitter designed for HVAC applications in residential and official buildings. The very stylish, functional housing is available in European and US size and features an optional display. The snap-in enclosure concept allows for easy installation; the replacement of the active part of the device for service purposes can be done without any tools within seconds.

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  • RTD / PT100

    Industrial Grade (class B) accuracy 012%, simple and flexible sensing

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  • Seal For feddthrus

    Feature : Special Seal for feedthrus, Temperature up to 140C

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  • smoke pen

    Smoke Pen

    The smoke pen is truly an innovation for anyone that needs just the right amount of test smoke when and where it is needed.

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  • Steam Quality test kit

    Steam quality test equipment to qualify plant/utility/clean/pure steam generators, steam distribution systems and steam supplies to autoclaves in accordance with cGMP (Orange Guide), HTM 01, HTM 2010 (replaced by CFPP01-01): 1994, HTM 2031 (replaced by CFPP01-01): 1997, EN 285: 2006, DIN 58950, ISO 14937:2000, AAMI ST79, ISPE Baseline Guide for Steam and Water, and PDA Technical Reports No. 1 & 48 – TR1 & TR48.

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  • TC log 8

    Multiple connection, Graph and table for all data, Offset over time for each curve, Selectable curves on the graph, Export data into excel, Real time monitoring (with loggers connected)

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  • Tecnosoft Sterildisk wireless

    Temperature, Humidity , pressure logger

    Temperature Range : -80 to 140C

    Up to 250 with optional heat protection

    0 to 100% for Humidity

    0 to 5 bar abs pressure range

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  • Thermohygrometer

    indoor and  with max.-min.-function, Range: T in/out: -10… 60°C ( 14… 140°F), H in/out: 10…99%
    wall mounting or table standing, 102 x 21 (50) x 110 mm, 141 g, 1x 1,5V AAA battery.

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  • Thermometer Printer

    Temperatur coefficient ±0.01% of measurement range / °C : Outside 25°C±10°C. Battery life Non-printing mode:Approx.110 hours
    1-minute interval:Approx.120 hours.

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  • Ultra-Cool Dry Block Calibrator (LTR – 90)

    The Kaye LTR-90 is an ultra-cool dry well calibrator designed for portability, and ease of operation. Operating from -90°C to +140°C it delivers fast response, high stability and automated sensor calibration for ultra low temperature applications.

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  • Validation System

    Validation system include Recorder (up to 36 input), temperature reference and also temperature well FDA approval RECOMANDED for THERMAL VALIDATION such as : Autoclave, oven, cold storage, incubator, tunnel etc

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  • Wireless Data Logger

    he SterilCylCyl Radio is the wireless data logger for high temperatures (up to 140°C). It is made up by a cylindrical body made of PEEK, a plastic material highly resistant and food compatible; metallic parts are in AISI316L stainless steel. The main body diameter is 30 mm, the length 76 mm..

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